OUR NEW BOAT should be here some time early June, 2015! The INTRUDER 21. floats in 7-8 inches, gets up in 10-12 inches, and runs in less than 4 inches of water. The ride is incredible with smoothness and dryness. Comes standard with eight storage bins of which six are convertible to live wells, seven foot three storage locker for rods or skies.
Even though it is rated for 150 hp, it will run quite well with a 90 hp. 100% of all test rides given to date say it is one of the best riding boats they have ever been on!

Our Mission

Captain Von Hall and his lovely wife!

Fishing with honor, By American boat charters!

How it began

Our vision began in June 2010 with a chance meeting and conversation between two strangers.  As the conversation continued between the two, a unique bond was established. Von Hall offered what he felt would be a great way to honor other Veterans, a day of fishing for the Veterans! The results of this day on the water was immediate and clear. The Veterans wife suggested that Von take others out on the ocean for a day of fishing. Von decided that he must do something he hadn't considered before, achieving his Captain's license!  Once Von became "Captain Hall", he began moving toward his dream, honoring those who have served us.  From that point on, American Boat Charters' vision was born! Today we have added trips for women who have survived cancer as well, with a pink flag flying so everyone knows we have a survivor on board for a Day of Celebration!  

American Boat Charters of Wilmington, Wrightsville and Carolina Beach, NC believes that it is not only our duty, but our responsibility,  to honor all Veterans for their service and to provide a Day of Celebration to everyone who is a cancer survivor! To give back to them, in our own way, for the service and sacrifice they have provided for all of us and for the courage and determination it takes to defeat cancer! We owe our freedoms to those brave men and women who are "our" Veterans! Our mission to put Veterans on the water became reality for Captain Von Hall while watching our guests relax, smile, and enjoy the calm of the ocean and their successes when pulling in a great catch! It is our honor to provide a carefree, and relaxing experience to our Veterans from American Boat Charters, our Sponsors and Captain Von Hall! We also recognize that there are heros like the women who have had and have won over cancer.

We have been so successful that in the local area, people recognize the flag!  Why? because they know that when they see our boat and "When the flag is waving, there's a Veteran on board"!

And soon we will have another flag to wave as well providing a Day of Celebration for everyone who has survived cancer! It is not unusual to see salutes from passers by or to hear horns from other water craft acknowledging our honored guests!